Helping you grow your money and become financially secure is the reason we’re here!


This is the basic account that makes you a member/owner of the credit union. It’s your ticket to all the great products and services we offer.



More accounts designed to make it easy to save!


Systematic Club

Just set it and forget it! There is no better way to grow your long-term savings than with regular automatic deposits.
This account rewards your smart savings habits with higher dividends and no minimum balance, so you can reap the benefits even if you only save a few dollars a month.

And, to help you avoid the temptation to “borrow” from your long-term savings, this account only allows free withdrawals in April.

Special Savings

An easy way to keep track of your savings goals. Let’s say you’re saving up for a second honeymoon, your daughter’s graduation gift, and a new HDTV. How do you keep it all straight?

By creating special savings accounts. With only one member number, you can create up to five club accounts to make it easier to see at a glance exactly how much you have saved toward each goal.

Christmas Club

If holiday expenses seem to catch you by surprise, this is the perfect account for you. Choose any amount to be deposited each month. Your savings will grow painlessly and automatically all year.

On November 1st, your Christmas Club savings will be transferred into your membership savings account. You’ll have cash when you need it so you can avoid getting hit with holiday debt!

Membership Savings Systematic Club Special Savings  Christmas Club
Ideal for Becoming a member of GCU, rainy-day savings Building a hassle-free savings habit, saving for summer vacation, taxes, graduation gifts Special short-term goals, such as major household purchase or a down-payment on a car Saving for the holidays and other year-end expenses such as insurance, property taxes, etc.
Earns dividends
Access through
over 30,000 fee-free ATMs
Access through CU-24
phone banking and
online Home Banking
Minimum balance $5.00 None None None
Conditions & Fees One-time $1.00 membership fee Requires regular automatic deposits. $15 early withdrawal fee except in April Up to 6 club accounts under the same member number Funds automatically transfer to membership savings on Nov.Feb. 1 – Sept. 1 $5 early withdrawal fee
Deposits & Withdrawals Unlimited deposits; up to 6 free withdrawals per month. Unlimited automatic deposits; free withdrawals in April Unlimited deposits; up to 6 free automatic withdrawals per month. Unlimited deposits; free withdrawals Oct. – Jan.