Prepaid Cards

Coopera® Reloadable Prepaid Cards

Get all the convenience of a Visa debit or credit card, without ever worrying about overdraft fees, finance charges or late fees!

Insured by Visa against loss or theft
Great for students!
Great for travel — use internationally
Can accept direct payroll deposit or automatic transfers
$4.95 to purchase

Money Orders and Official Checks

A safe alternative to cash, money orders can be issued for any amount under $1,000.00. Cost is only $2.00 each.

Official Checks can be issued for any amount. One official Check per day is free to members when issued for over $1,000.00 or made payable to yourself. Otherwise the cost is $5.00 each.

Notary Services

Notary services are available at each branch for a $5.00 fee. Please call to check availability before you come.




Safe Deposit Boxes

Protect your valuable items and important documents with a Safe Deposit Box at GCU.

Please call us for availabilty at 505-982-8942.

Size Annual Rental Fee
3”x5” $15
3″x10″ $24
5″x10″ $40
7″x10″ $60