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NCUA Releases New, Improved Insurance Coverage Estimator
Credit union members will have an easier time getting answers to questions about their share insurance and keeping track of their coverage, thanks to a new and improved online tool announced January 7, 2014, by the National Credit Union Administration.

The redesigned Share Insurance Estimator, formerly known as the E-Calculator, is now easier to navigate and has expanded content. You can input information while simultaneously using important reference materials.


Resources from the NCUA:

Share Insurance FAQ from the NCUA – frequently asked questions from credit union members
How Your Accounts Are Federally Insured – essential information about the NCUA and your insurance protection
Your Insured Funds (brochure)
Share Insurance Estimator

More questions about your coverage?

The NCUA Insurance Call Center has experts available from 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (MDT) Monday through Friday to answer questions about your federal insurance coverage at the credit union. The toll-free

Insurance Call Center number is 1-800-755-1030, extension 1.


A note from President/CEO Winona Nava

Dear Members,

In a time of economic turmoil, I am proud to say that your credit union stands strong.

Here are a few important points that you, the member-owners of GCU, should know:

We steered clear of the mortgage crisis. At GCU, we have stuck with sound, responsible lending practices that place our members’ interests first. We have avoided the kind of unaffordable loans that created problems for the banking industry.

Our income is on budget.

Our delinquency ratios are on track.

Our dedicated volunteer directors are keeping careful watch to make sure GCU is staying on course.

Your accounts are federally insured by the NCUA. If something were to go wrong, your deposits would be backed by the full faith and credit of the US Government. This insurance includes your GCU money market accounts, since we do not invest these funds in the stock market. IRA accounts are covered to at least an additional $250,000. Visit the links above to learn more about NCUA insurance and how you can protect your deposits over $250,000.

For 60 years, you have trusted us to help you finance your dreams without getting in over your head. You have trusted us to keep your accounts safe. We consider that trust our greatest asset, and our greatest responsibility. We look forward to continuing to strengthen it in the next 60 years.

Winona Nava