GCU Mobile Banking

Mobile & Text Banking allows you to use your mobile phone to check your balance, make payments, transfer funds, find ATMs, set custom alerts and more. You can set up your own personal alerts and shortcuts by signing in to your mobile banking account here. There you will be able to choose your alerts, create account shortcuts and more.

Text Commands

You can get account information by texting simple commands to GCU Mobile (phone #). GCU Mobile does not use your account number or other personal information for text commands, so your account info stays safe.
Text commands available include:
Balance Inquiry for Checking-
Balance Inquiry for Savings-
Balance Inquiry by Alias-
• BAL Alias (This is a nickname you can set up at guadalupecusecure.cue-mobile.com to quickly access specific accounts)

What is an Alias/Shortcut?
If you have multiple accounts, you can give each one a nickname (alias) for use with text banking. This gives you a fast way to access the specific account info you want, while keeping your account number secure.
For example, let’s say you have a regular savings account, a club savings where you are saving up for a vacation, a checking account and a loan with GCU, all under one member number.
In GCU Mobile, you can give these accounts nicknames:
• Loan: car
• Vacation Club Account: cruise
With text banking, you could use the following commands for those specific accounts:
• BAL cruise – Request your balance on the vacation savings
• TSF 150 to car – make a payment on your loan
Need an ATM?
You can find ATMs near you by simply texting your location or zip code to MY-CO-OP (692667).*


* There is no charge for the service; text message fees from your provider may apply.

GCU Mobile Banking App

You can access your mobile banking through your phone’s mobile browser, using your free app for iPhone, Android and Blackberry, or with text messages! To download the app Click Here