Simple, Convenient Card Options


We like to keep it simple. That’s why we offer a VISA® card with one low fixed rate. We promise never to change the terms without telling you, there are no hidden rate spikes, and you can track your spending online. Simple.

EMV VISA Finalized Template CLICK HERE to manage your GCU Credit Card.

VISA® Credit Card

Make purchases and get cash advances worldwide, anywhere VISA® is accepted.
FALCON monitoring helps protect you from fraudulent charges.
Rates as low as 8.49% APR*.
No hidden fees, no surprises, just one low rate for everything: purchases, balance transfers, cash advances, you name it.
Low $5 annual fee
PIN issued for fee-free cash advances.
Monthly payments are 3% of the outstanding balance with a $30 minimum.
25-day grace period on all new purchases. $30 late fee after 15 days past due.
Over-limit fee: $10

Share-Secured VISA® Card

The ideal way to get the convenience and security of a credit card while you are building or rebuilding your credit.

As you make regular on-time payments, you build good credit history!

Fixed rate.
Same simple terms as our regular VISA®.
Can convert to a regular VISA® with established good credit history, freeing up your pledged savings.

* APR (Annual Percentage Rate). Subject to credit approval. Rates may vary based on member’s credit rating.